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323077 Durham Rd. E., Box 10 Durham, ON N0G 1R0

Phone number: 519-369-4233

Fax number: 519-369-6849

Contact: Cheryl D. Lindsay




Our Services:
We are experts in normal and disordered speech and language development in children we also provide in-depth support for adults who have suffered a loss of function in speech, cognition and/or language. We strive to provide an interdisciplinary approach, with our strong network to appropriate resources in our local/regional community. These professionals, who can often be on site, include occupational, physical and music therapist. Behavioral, psychological and social supports, as well as a range of academic and family supports are also available.

After Referral:
The client is assessed either formally or informally by the speech-language pathologist (S-LP). Goals, and how to achieve them, our agreed-upon. The client is then seen by either the S-LP or speech-language pathologist assistant (S-LPA). Therapy is conducted at the clinic, clients home/school, or other agreed-upon location. The scope and duration of therapy is individual and variable. Often, the therapist will work with or prefer to other professionals, such as infant development workers, preschool resource teachers, teachers, specialists, treatment centres and doctors, within and outside the region.

Please contact our office to further discuss assessment and treatment services.

Cheryl D Lindsay, M.S., S-LP
Reg CASLPO 519-369-4233
เครดิตฟรี ไม่ต้องฝาก 2019